If you don’t find a way to make money in your sleep, you’ll work until you die – Warren Buffet

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Learn the exact Techniques, I use to make 6 Figures Income continuously. All secrets Revealed. When my colleagues were busy discussing our Company's poor financial condition and anticipated Lay Offs, I was fine tuning these techniques which led me to ultimate Success.

Recommended Tools

Here is the complete List of the Tools, I have been Using to Build my successful affiliate online Business. I started using them on one of my websites. Tested them and implement them on All websites. I have shared all the tools and How to use them.

Meet the Millionaires

" Before You can become a millionaire, you must learn to think like one. You must learn how to motivate yourself to counter fear with courage" - Thomas J. Stanley

Wealthy Affiliate is a 14 million strong community of Successful Affiliates. Meet them, Do not afraid to ask them and follow their path. 

I am an Affiliate marketer and an Entrepreneur. I started my unintended online journey 4 years back  the age of 50. In last four years I have developed new skills in the field of online marketing and employing them to make 6 figure income. Most of the people do not take any chance at this age as they are afraid of learning new skills. It is a long story and to cut it short, I entered  into online marketing, got scammed many times and eventually became a successful online entrepreneur.......

How can You make money online Legitimate way? 

There are many ways of making money online but you must look out for the best suited to your requirement. Like any other business , online business do have their Pros and Cons.

As a technical person or a teacher , you can start online courses but setting up online courses or can start taking online tuition as well. One can work as virtual assistant also. These businesses require particular skills set and expertise in the field. 

Otherwise , there are some business meant for every one and I like to focus on them.

  • E commerce Store
  • Drop shipping Business
  • Affiliate Marketing

E Commerce business is a successful model for those who have some products to sell. They are mainly suited to big brands as they have the products and fulfill shipping requirements.  Small retailer may compete in the market due to  high shipping cost and hence this model may not be effective for them.

Drop shipping can be adopted as an alternative as you are not required to keep any inventory and not to take care of shipping. 

How can I find Keywords for my Blog 

The Ultimate aim of developing a website for any business is to create online presence. But just making a website and taking online is not enough. You have to ensure that it should rank high on search engines. If your website fail to make to the first page of search engines, People searching for the products and services being offered by you may  ot be able to find you.

There are two ways , People can find you in their searches


  • Paid Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization

Even Paid Ads do not guarantee results if many people are advertising for same product and services at the same time and you are low on budget.

The best way is to rank High by doing proper Keyword Research and finding the least competitive keywords for your Niche. 

If I can show you how to research the long tail keywords with almost Zero Competition, Your Job Will be more than done.

Do I need to create Videos For my online Business

Yes You Do

Have you ever watched a movie or any series? 

Have you read a book?

You might have spent less than 2 hours in Movie theater but you remember each scene of the movie where as you might have spent hours in studying the book but may not recall most of it.

That shows the importance of a video for online marketing.

What if you are shy of Camera ?  There is a solution. People Like animation or Voice over Movies as well.

You need a tool which can not only convert your blog into video in second but also convert text to Speech for your video.Yes Tools are available