Is a scam?

Is a Scam?

With unemployment on the rise, it is impossible to ignore any opportunity to find employment. Anyone desperately searching for money-making opportunity online is a soft target for scammers too. These scammers would know that you are searching for a job in open market and you may observe a lot of pop ads while surfing. One of the main uses of the Internet is online job seeking; as people tend to search and apply for available positions online using special platforms such as So what is this Is a scam or legit? we will try to review and find an answer.

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Is a scam

What is

This is one of those companies providing jobs online and has come under the scanner of late. You can find mixed reviews online. was founded by Shawn Boyer in the year 2000 and its headquarter is in ‎Inns brook, Virginia, United States. is an hourly marketplace where Empl