Is Juice Plus a Scam?

Don’t Invest till you read this review. Lot of People are asking this Question “Is Juice Plus a Scam”

Most of the Multi-level marketing companies are built around the health supplements. Capsules, Juices and Lotions are the foundation stones of these companies. You might have probably come across Juice Plus, a multimillion USD company. Since Juice Plus is selling their products through MLM route, It makes you think, “ Is Juice Plus a Scam”. I have reviewed Juice Plus. Take a look to find the answer to your question before joining Juice Plus.

About Juice Plus + Company.

Juice + is owned by NSA, National Safety Association. NSA was started by Jay Martin in 1970 and initially used to sell fire protection systems through the door to door marketing. Later they entered into manufacturing of Water Filters, Air Filters and Pre School Educational games. They introduced Juice Plus +, their first Nutritional Supplement in 1993.

NSA had a set back in 1993 when a complaint was registered against them with attorney general office of United States for forcing new distributors to make huge upfront purchases of their water and air filters. Due to this, the quantum of their bu