Project Payday Scam Review- A real scam or Legit

There may be two possible reasons for you to land on this webpage.
1. You have joined Payday and still not sure if you can really make some money with Project Pay Day.
2. You have just heard about Project Pay Day and like to research if you can make money with Project Payday. 

If you have not joint Project Payday, I advise reading my complete review before taking a final call.

What is Project Pay Day?

Some time back ” Project Pay Day” was one of leading online real money making opportunity but now it has lost its shine.

Please disregard the rest of this review as they are no longer in service. As I continually state, the businesses I recommend in the Recommended Businesses page are ones that I have tested and succeeded with and Project Payday was among the top ones that I made a living with.
Project Payday is a website providing some job opportunities, therefore, they actually do not pay you anything but allow you to the job for other as they connect you with the people providing the jobs and paying you for the work done.

But these jobs are somewhat unusual Jobs and most of the people out there would like you to complete an offer or join some program. Once complete these offers or Join their advised program, they make money and share a part of it with you.

This seems to be a legitimate opportunity but does not jump to the conclusion until you